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To check the production information relating to your Wescol manufactured product, enter the batch number marked onto your product into the box below and click Search

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At Wescol, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive product warranty providing further reassurance to users of our commitment to both our products and their productivity.
We manufacturer superior products and think it’s right to provide superior support for them too.
This warranty forms part of our guarantee to continue to manufacturer quality products which perform and last.

If you have a Wescol product that you beleive to be defective, please download the information sheet and the warranty claim form using the link below and return the completed claim form to


Product Registration

You can register your Wescol product to gain access to extended warranties, in-depth technical data and support direct from the factory.

Click the link below to register an account or login to an existing one.

Terms and Conditions of Sale (UK)

To read and download our terms and conditions of sale click here.

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