Products & Solutions

Wescol provides a range of products and solutions for various gas control applications. Our equipment for cutting, welding, heating and gas distribution has been the work horse of industrial gas control applications for over 65 years; the equipment has been installed on North Sea oil rigs, in Arabian oil and gas fields, on Siberian railways, in African mines, Asian shipyards, American construction sites, European automotive plants and your local welding fabricator’s workshop.


Wescol Pressure Regulators

Explore our range of WESCOL® 300 Series Pressure Regulators designed for medium and light duty flame cutting, welding and heating applications and the WESCOL® 400 SERIES Pressure Regulators engineered for extreme service in heavy duty technical and industrial applications; browse through the models for general industrial gas control along with specific models for shielding gas supply


Wescol Flashback Arrestors

The WESCOL® range of Flashback Arrestors for the protection of single cylinders, tapping points, hand equipment and gas distribution systems. 3rd party approved to EN730-1. Regulator mounted, torch mounted and fully re-settable and compact variants


Wescol Hand Equipment & Torches

The WESCOL® range of hand-equipment for medium duty cutting, welding, heating and brazing applications ranges from one-piece cutting torches and combination sets to precision torches. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 5172


Wescol Hose Accessories

Hose Tails, Hose Nuts, Hose Nipples, Hose Check Valves (HCV), Excess Flow Valves (EFV) and POL fittings.

Wescol also offers a range of different connections to BS EN 1256, BS EN 15202, and safety devices to BS EN 16129 for use with industrial and domestic Propane/LPG/Butane applications.

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