Flashback Arrestors

Browse through the wide range of Wescol Flashback Arrestors by application

Type 90 (Re-settable)

Fully re-settable and compact, designed for single cylinder and tapping point applications. Designed to deal with standard applications; combines safety with value. Manufactured and approved to EN730-1.

Type 84 (Torch Mounted)

For use with hand equipment, the Type 84 provide safety features that extinguish sustained flashbacks and protect against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks. Manufactured and 3rd party approved to comply with EN730-1.

Type 83 (Regulator Mounted)

For the protection of single cylinders, tapping points and gas distribution systems. 3rd party approved to EN730-1, provides protection for your operator, gas source and regulators; guaranteed to stop flashbacks and gas returning upstream.

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