Pressure Regulators & Accessories

Browse through our wide range of Wescol Pressure Regulators by application


CO2 Heaters

Available for Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide service up to 300 bar. Allows gas to be vaporised by way of a robust heating element to ensure adequate gas flows in applications where freezing is an issue.


Available in 0-14 and 0-30 lpm variants. Designed for MIG, TIG and laboratory applications where a precise control of gas flow is required. This product is available in all major international fittings.

Step-down Valves

For safely stepping down delivery pressure in high pressure industrial gas systems allowing regulators designed for a max. inlet pressure of 230 bar to be used with single cylinders/MCPs filled to 300 bar

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Pressure Testing Regulators (50 and 10 bar)

300 bar capable with pressure outputs of 50 bar or 10 bar, 3rd party approved to ISO 2503. JIC SAE Flare outlets available for refrigeration applications.


Beverage Regulators

Ideal for beverage dispensing systems, these regulators are primarily for use with Carbon Dioxide for carbonation of beverages. Features adjustable output pressures and twin output.

Industrial and Laboratory

Single Stage Regulators

Designed for medium and light duty flame cutting, welding and heating applications; general industrial gas control along with specific models for shielding gas supply. Third-party approved to ISO 2503, the regulators guarantee reliable service.

Two-stage Regulators

Recommended for high accuracy applications that require a constant outlet pressure for the life of a gas cylinder. These precision regulators provide constant delivery pressure with no need for periodic readjustment


Flow Regulators

Ideal for MIG/TIG Welding, these ISO2503 approved regulators are attached with compact and robust flowmeters which provide a consistent and accurate gas flow across the life of the cylinder to limit gas wastage in welding/purging

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